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Palm Sunday March 24 1030 Am

Palm Sunday is the Beginning of Holy Week and the Last Day Of Purim

Purim memorates the foiled plan of Haman to kill every Jew in the Persian empire in one day. He drew lots to determine the best day for his massacre and picked the 14th of Adar. Instead of being a day of death and mourning, Haman was hanged, and the 14th of Adar became a day of joyous celebration with various traditions to commemorate the miracle that happened on that day.

Palm Sunday commemorates the powerful entry of Jesus into Jerusalem

What three things happened on Palm Sunday?

What is the Significance of Palm Sunday?

  • The Palm Sunday Account. Jesus was on His way to Jerusalem with His disciples to celebrate Passover. ...

  • Christ's Entry to Jerusalem Was Prophesized in the Old Testament. ...

  • Christ Comes in Peace. ...

  • Christ Is Honored. ...

  • How We Celebrate Today.

Join us as we celebrate and prepare for Holy Weel

Sunday March 24 1030 Am


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