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Due to an Unseen Circumstance We've Tabled This Leaders Receive Realms Of The Kingdom Filling

Updated: May 13, 2022

Are you a KINGDOM leader?

Are You Ready to see Our Region UNITE for such a Time As This?

Dr. Renny McLean

Kingdom Power and Glory Leadership Encounter

Leaders for the Kingdom

He brings a Kingdom emphasis and unity for the region


Dr. Renny McLean carries an anointing for impartation for LEADERSHIP

in the Realms of Glory

( did you know he as the 1st to impart the Glory in the USA?) UNITY is a KEY For the Kingdom Come Kingdom Minded and Ready to be dispatched as Kingdom Ambassadors. You will receive tools and IMPARTATION for this type of leadership calling No longer talking about the Kingdom BUT BECOMING the leader of the Kingdom God called YOU TO BE!

You will receive key insight to the authority of the Kingdom and your spirit will be free to soar upward~!

The Kingdom Is Expanding The Glory is His Presence This invitation is EXCLUSIVE Limited seating

Dr. Renny McLean

Dr. Renny McLean

Dr. Renny McLean is defined by his peers as one of the most prolific and prophetic and apostolic voices for the nation. London born, Jewish and Jamaican descent. Dr. McLean was called to ministry at the age of ten. Through several angelic visitations, God made a demand on his life through one final visitation outlined in his first publication, entitled "Eternity Invading Time." His second publication "Portals Into the Miraculous", is a devotional to walk in the supernatural. His third publication "Unlocking The Dreams" has been a tool to help the believer become more sensitive to their encounter with God. Dr. Mclean has been given the ability to make the supernatural practical to people who believe there is something more. Dr. McLean holds a Doctor of Theology degree from Cannon Bible School and a Doctor of Divinity from Friends Christian International University

Dr Theresa Phillips is the Author of The Monarchy of Heaven A 12 session study of the Realm Of the King and The Royal Priesthood.

Dr Marina Mclean is a Psalmist Educator and Recording artist in the Realms of The Heavens

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