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Evangelist From Bahamas Burton Lockhart Sunday Jan 20 @ 1030AM Come Everyone~

Rev Burton Law Montgomery Lockhart, was born a twin on June 2nd 1968 to Captain Victor and Naomi Lockhart, and is the tenth child of eleven children. While a student at R. M. Bailey Senior High School, he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ after rejecting the Rastafarian faith. Even then he was known as the preacher who ministered to students and teachers. Rev. Lockhart is the 7th graduate of The Assemblies of God Bible College. Later, he became an ordained Minister and lecturer. As his ministry evolved he served at Trinity Assembly and Pastor of Bethany Assembly and later continued at Bahamas Faith Ministry International where he and his wife serve as members of The Council Board. Evangelist Lockhart is the Co – Director for missions at BFM. His legacy includes being a Director of National Soul Winner’s Net Work; Chaplin and Public Relations officer for the Simpson Penn Boys-To-Men Mentoring Program; founder of A Better Way Evangelistic Ministry;. He presently holds a Master’s Degree from the Christian Life School of Theology. On August 16th 2017 Rev. Lockhart received credential of ordination under The International Association Kingdom Churches and Ministries (IAKCM) Rev. Lockhart is married to Minister Pauline Lockhart and they have two children, Vanessa Ashley 21 and Burton Benjamin II 18.

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