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Believe Encounter Conference 11-12

Mel Tari / Rob Radosti/ Theresa Phillips / Damon Stuart/

Rob Radasti/ Theresa Phillips/ Damon Stuart

Its Tie to release Healing Miracles in Our Region! Its Time for YoTo get your and to be activated in the Realm of The Miraculous

Healing is the Children's Bread... So is everything else

Jesus never intended for us to be 





He calls us to be Miracles Workers 

Soul winners

And Ambassadors of the Kingdom   

About Our Speakers

Mel Tari  Man Of Love 

Mel Tari is a man with simple, childlike faith who loves God and believes for the impossible in his life and the lives of others. God has used Mel greatly not only in his native home of Timor (an Indonesian island), but all over the world.

“Four nights before the nearly successful Communist coup in Indonesia in 1965, God sovereignly began pouring out His Spirit in a small town on the little-known island of Timor. He alerted the Christians to pray, and the country was remarkably spared. Immediately evangelistic teams of laymen were formed and began traveling throughout Timor and surrounding islands proclaiming the gospel, healing the sick, and raising the dead. The miracles that followed the day of Pentecost when the Spirit first came “like a mighty wind” have been reenacted in our own day.” (“Like A Mighty Wind” by Mel Tari)

The Man who walked on water

Rob Radosti The Power of The Supernatural. Rob Radosti is a supernatural missionary, author, and itinerant speaker who has seen the power of Jesus transform lives in over 30 nations around the globe. He is known for his radical testimony and is the author of “And He Unleashed Me to the World”. After a powerful deliverance from satanic worship & the occult, drugs, alcoholism, suicide and more, Rob began to travel the nations declaring the good news of salvation.

Rob met his wife Millie as she was experiencing a supernatural encounter with Jesus while living in a mental health facility, an encounter that would free her from years of abuse, mental illness, suicide, drugs & more. They were married and together began preaching the Gospel everywhere from satanic clubs and bars to the jungles of the Amazon, and from the skate parks of New Zealand to some of the biggest conferences and crusades on the planet. Rob and Millie have witnessed countless supernatural signs & wonders, deliverances, salvations, healings and scores of lives changed as the Kingdom of God is released on the earth! Rob and Millie’s vision is to teach the nations to dwell in the Kingdom by preaching the undiluted gospel of grace with signs and wonders. Rob & Millie Radosti have four children and are the founders of Kingdom Dwellers Intel based in Fort Mill, South Carolina USA

Dr. Theresa Phillips

The Miracle of The Oil 

Never in my wildest dreams would i have thought id encounter an Angel from The Throne room of GOD But it happened And Sense then My Life has been dramatically changed!

I love the Realms of God and I Love his People ... People Need Jesus So badly!

Dr. Theresa Phillips &  Rev Robert Phillips

Is an International Speaker, Author, Recording Artist, and Business Owner. She is the host of Global Prophetic Live Broadcasting Bringing Prophetic Signs Wonders and Miracles To The World!  She is the developer of Royal Scents A Kings Oil and Redeem and Renew Skin Solutions. All From the Visitation of an Angel 

Dr. Theresa is an educator and author of Kingdom principles, releasing many into positions of leadership in the "Seven Mountain" spheres of influence. In her 27 years of Ministry, Theresa has authored 22 books and released a number of short articles and prophetic words

She is Impassioned to help others develop their own destinies! Her greatest Joy is to see Souls Saved!

Worship By Damon Stuart 

Damon's call to worship and ministry began when he was a child. His parents, who are also pastors, played a significant role in his passion for Christ and for the church. Attending church, worship music and biblical teaching was part of his life while growing up. In his school years, Damon took piano lessons and was involved in band and show choir, not realizing that God was preparing him for what he would be doing later in life. Through the years, God has touched Damon's life many times, revealing the Father's heart with amazing love, forgiveness and miracles that would set him on a course for what God would have him accomplish for the kingdom.

Damon has ministered throughout the U.S. and internationally as a worship leader, psalmist and evangelist. He has also appeared and ministered on several Christian television and radio programs. As a worship leader, his desire is to bring people into the deeper realms of God's glory through worship. As Damon ministers, the healing, prophetic anointing and manifested presence of God takes place.

Damon's heart burns passionately to release the word of God as an evangelist, seeing the Kingdom of God expanded throughout the nations. His desire is to see the book Acts become just as real today for the church than ever before. His passion is to take you into a deeper relationship with the Father through worship and God's word.  He is one who preaches the word with power and authority, allowing the Holy Spirit to move and transform your life so that you will never be the same again!

Damon is a songwriter, composer, recording artist, author, conference speaker, and teacher and has served as a worship pastor/leader. He also taught a course series on worship at Christian Life College in Mt. Prospect, IL. Damon resides with his wife and two children in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, IL. Damon is Ordained through Mark Barclay Ministries. 

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