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Last Call For Reg Some Walkins Available Mel Tari & Theresa Phillips Healing /Glory

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Evangelist and Kingdom Builder Mel Tari

The Kingdom Is suffering Violence But The Militant Revive it! This Conference will ignite your purpose in the Kingdom Mel Tari Pastor To Heidi Baker Translated into dozens of languages, with millions of copies sold, Like a Mighty Wind remains a beloved classic from global evangelist Mel Tari. Recounting the incredible story of revival on the island of Timor during 1965 in the midst of political turmoil, the book is an amazing testament to the power of faith and the reality of God's power to work miracles in modern times.

The Spirit of God that swept across the island "like a mighty wind" continues today throughout Indonesia although persecution of Christians is all too common. The story of God's powerful revival in this region remains a testament to the truth of God's Word and serves as a reminder to all believers that the Spirit of God manifests in our world now as it did in the earliest days of the Church.

The Healing Power of Jesus

3,228 views Premiered Mar 3, 2021 In the book of Mark, Jesus says we all possess the power to lay hands on the sick and heal them through the Holy Spirit. Isn’t that incredible? Mel Tari shares when he bore witness to life-changing healing and reminds us that the healing power of Jesus is in all of us. With every anxious thought, every cry of pain, every tear of suffering, Jesus says ‘Come to me – I will give you rest.’ God is present through every trial, longing to intimately hear you speak to Him. At GOD TV, we believe the power of prayer is enough to move mountains, shape culture, heal brokenness and change lives. Let us stand together as a global family in prayer. We want to pray with you and for you, expectantly waiting to see the Spirit of God breakout across the globe in signs, wonders, and revival. If you are struggling with addiction or relationships, feeling anxious or hopeless, we want to bless you with free resources to support and encourage you. Learn, ruminate, and immerse yourself in the teachings of the Father as He goes before you in every moment. For more resources and to share a prayer need visit

Theresa Phillips

The Rev Dr. Theresa Phillips Ordained Minister Sr Pastor of Praise Ministries Church in St Charles IL Founder of Chicago Faith Broadcasting Author of over 20 books

She is featured often on many prophetic sites and has had correspondence with royalty worldwide.

She is passionate about writing about the King and His Kingdom

She is a Recording Artist Founder and Formulator Redeem And Renew Skins Solutions LLC Founder of Destiny Arising Women's Empowerment, in the 7 Mountain Mandate

She and Her Husband Currently serves in their community as Chaplains of The American Legion & Auxiliary

Robert Phillips a 30-year US Air Force Veteran And anointed on the Shofar

Theresa and Her Husband Robert Are Founder and Directors of Be A Hero To A Hero Outreach for Medically confined Veterans They have one son and three grandchildren Her Motto is Yes You Can!

She is called The Kings Ambassador By The King Himself

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