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I Want to bless 5 People for my Birthday 5 People Get in FREE to The Encounter As My Guest

Today I want to bless 5 People for the Encounter

5 People to get in free as my guest!

Please Contact me at

I need your name and email address

Thank you and God bless

The Encounter Returns

In 2009 God spoke to Theresa Phillips To Start The Encounter...

Little did she know that she would embark on a mission to advance the Roles of The Kingdom of Heaven Into the Below.

God revealed top her that everyone in Christendom has a VITAL role in advancing the Kingdom She obeyed. Signs and wonder followed and still do.

When God spoke again and said The Encounter Returns April 2023 Again Obedience is better than Sacrifice

Where When How ???

He spoke and said 'This is Intimate Theresa we will get down to business with the people who come ... We will see transformation because I'm giving you time to minister and ADVANCE Realms I'm releasing.

Remember Many are called and Few are chosen In this Intimate gathering We will see All who are in attendance CHOSEN.

Dear Friends don't miss this... We are NOT posting who is speaking when because Things Change.

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