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Giving Tuesday and Conference Reports

Well it was a Fantastic Conference ...

We saw healings take place and the real was HIGH

Mel Tari brought such a Loving Anointing that we were so HONORED to host him

Mel Tari Brought such Loe to the Region we can't wait to have him back!

He Prayed For all!

Dr Theresa Phillips Led Worship and Anointed Everyone With The Glory Oil and The Bottle Filled Up

Remember this is Giving Tuesday

Dear Friends,

Friends, just a reminder that our ministry expenses are met by the faithful and generous support of people just like you. If you've been blessed by the teaching of Pastor Frangipane, please consider becoming a supporter of this ministry. Thank you!


We dismantled the Sanctuary and filled over 900 stockings for The Operation Gift a Vet Outreach For Be

Here are some Pics With the help of YEP we did it Thank You YEP

The Harvest is Plenty Laborers are Few But we DID IT!

First Drop Was Sunday The 27 To Lasalle Veterans Home

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